Rosenthal: The Mariners need to move on from Kevin Mather – The Athletic

Kevin Mather should have been gone by now. The Mariners should have dismissed him after the Seattle Times reported in 2018 that, before he became team president and CEO, he was one of three club executives accused by women of inappropriate workplace conduct, resulting in financial settlements for the complainants.

Think maybe now, after Mather’s tone-deaf and offensive remarks to the Bellevue Breakfast Rotary Club in a video call Feb. 5, the Mariners’ head-in-the-sand ownership finally will take action? He needs to be fired by the time you read this. His cringeworthy musings, one more misguided than the next, are Exhibits A through Z in why many players and fans hold owners in contempt. If this is how ownership types really think, why should any of them be trusted?

Perhaps Mather is at the extreme with his discriminatory remarks on former Japanese pitcher Hisashi Iwakuma and top Dominican prospect Julio Rodriguez, and what he perceived as the difficulty…

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