Ravens star may have spit on Jarvis Landry and the Browns receiver isnt happy about it – CBS Sports

If the Browns and Ravens end up meeting again this season, don’t be surprised if things get a little testy between Jarvis Landry and Marcus Peters. Apparently, there’s now some beef between the two players after Peters appeared to spit on Landry during Baltimore’s wild 47-42 win over Cleveland on Monday night. 

Landry actually didn’t even know about the spitting situation until he watched a replay of the game. At the end of the first quarter, Peters definitely shoots some spit in Landry’s direction, which means the only question is if it was an accident or if he was aiming for the Browns receiver. 

On Landry’s end, he thinks it’s pretty clear: Peters was aiming for him. 

“He’s a coward,” Landry said Thursday, via “I think he knew that maybe behind my back he’d do things like that, but to my face, he wouldn’t. … Now I know. Everybody knows the type of player he is, the type of person he is.”

If you want to judge for yourself whether Peters was aiming for Landry with his spit, you can click here to see a clip of the play

One huge issue with potentially spitting on someone is that we’re in the middle of a pandemic and the NFL has been doing everything in its power to stop the spread of the virus among players. If the league feels that Peters acted with ill-intent, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him punished. Landry wasn’t ready to comment on whether Peters broke any COVID-19 protocols, but he did say that the Ravens’ star corner broke another protocol. 

 “If there’s a protocol for being a man, that sure ain’t it right there,” Landry said. 

What seemed to irk Landry the most is that Peters sent the spit in his direction only after the Browns receiver had turned his back to him. 

“Wait until I turn around and do something like that? It’s like, do it to my face,” Landry said. “Be a man about it if you’re going to do something like that.”

The Browns and Ravens won’t be playing against this year, at least not during the regular season, but they could meet up again in the playoffs and if they do, Landry will be ready. 

“I won’t lose sleep,” Landry said. “But definitely going to make it another game to remember.”

Landry caught six passes for 52 yards in the loss. 

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