NFL insiders have dueling views on Carson Wentzs future – NBC Sports

With a head coach finally hired in Nick Sirianni, the Eagles’ biggest offseason question is now officially what do with Carson Wentz, the former (and maybe future?) franchise quarterback who lost his starting job this past season to rookie Jalen Hurts.

Wentz was reportedly unhappy with his benching, and sounded to be at odds with former head coach Doug Pederson. With Pederson gone and Sirianni in, will Wentz be ready to iron out his differences with the organization?

And also… do the Eagles still want Wentz as QB1?

If you listen to some of the most plugged-in NFL reporters these days, your guess sounds as good as theirs.

On Monday, a pair of very solid and well-sourced football reporters offered up takes on what they’ve been hearing about the Wentz situation. 

First, NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo, per 94WIP:

“I mentioned this when Doug got fired and everyone said that ‘Well, this means Carson Wentz is back.’ … No. There is more to this.”

Then, FOX Sports’s Jay Glazer:

“I think the Eagles are going to try and make it work with Carson Wentz, so I don’t think he’s going to be out there, per se.”

Very interesting, if also a little confusing.

It seems, for the time being, that more of the pressure is on the Eagles to make things right with Wentz if both sides are going to reconcile by next season. Glazer’s report makes it sound like the Eagles want Wentz back, while Garafolo’s report makes it sound like Wentz is still bitter, while leaving the Eagles’ stake in the relationship unclear.


There are a few ways these next steps could play out.

The Eagles could reach out to Wentz and say they still want him to be the starting quarterback, and Wentz could explain that he still wants to be here.

The Eagles could reach out to Wentz and say they still want him to be the starting quarterback, but Wentz could not want to mend the relationship, and eventually ask for a trade.

Or the Eagles could reach out to Wentz, say they still want him in Philly but not guarantee the QB1 job, and see how Wentz reacts.

It’s all fascinating, and it sounds like no one – not NFL insiders, and maybe not even Wentz or the Eagles – knows what exactly is coming next.

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