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When Randy Moss called himself the greatest receiver of all time and Jerry Rice only third or fourth, Rice noticed.

Rice posted his response on Instagram, with a list of his career stats and Moss’s career stats. That list looks like this:

Seasons: Rice 21, Moss 14.

Receptions: Rice 1,549, Moss 982.

Yards: Rice 22,895, Moss 15,292

Touchdowns: Rice 197, Moss 156.

Super Bowl wins: Rice 3, Moss 0.

Super Bowl MVPs: Rice 1, Moss 0.

The career stats aren’t close. Moss put up big numbers early in his career, but but at age 33 he had his worst career season, at age 34 he didn’t play at all, and at age 35 he was a backup before retiring. Rice had more than 9,000 receiving yards after turning 33.

The argument in Moss’s favor is that at his best, he was capable of more spectacular plays than Rice. But comparing their full bodies of work, Rice has the big edge.

Rice concluded his Instagram post with a comment that Moss uses on his TV job when one player dominates another: “You just got MOSSED!”

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