Episode 35: The Last Mile to the Last Inch

On this episode, Dr. Osterholm and host Chris Dall focus on COVID-19 developments in the US and globally, the final mile and the essential final inch of the vaccine journey, and what we have realized about colleges to this level.

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3 Thoughts to “Episode 35: The Last Mile to the Last Inch”

  1. There is a trade-off between safety and time to approval. Previous vaccines were more thoroughly tested prior to release. We chose speed. Not to say it isn;t safe, I believe it is; however, we should acknowledge the choices we have made

  2. Please make the change . Convinced the unwilling . Educate for change . There are so many states that are very unwilling to adjust to save lives . I’m in Oklahoma and early on I estimated we would loose 2400 lives throughout the pandemic yet we are surpassing 2000 this week. We need a clear public outcry yet no one here can afford to lockdown without any future stimulus offered or Banks placing our loans on hold until this is over . The financial support that was offered last March is not offered today. What can we do at this point ?

  3. So it will be 4th & goal at the one-inch line and we’ll be up against a defense of Reggie White, Lawrence Taylor, Ronnie Lott, Warren Sapp, Derrick Thomas, John Randle, Patrick Willis, Charles Haley, Ed Reed and Ray Lewis?

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