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Restaurant owners and workers across New York City are fearing for their livelihoods after indoor dining was again banned across the city on Monday, as the mayor, Bill de Blasio, warned of the possibility of a “full shutdown”.

In a significant setback for the city’s struggling restaurant industry, eating inside will be suspended for at least two weeks amid soaring Covid-19 cases and hospitalisation rates.

“We have to make heartbreaking phone calls to 16 employees, and they’re going to be in limbo,” John Winterman, co-owner of Francie, a brasserie in Brooklyn, told the New York Times. “Which, in professional terms, sucks.”

It also comes as the city prepares for its biggest snowstorm in five years, expected to arrive on Wednesday.

New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, announced on Friday that he was reversing the decision to allow 25% capacity indoor dining – which has been in place since 30 September, following a six-month shutdown – saying it was “one of the few areas that we think we can actually make a difference”.

Takeaway, delivery and outdoor dining is still permitted:

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Pre-existing social inequalities contributed to the UK recording the highest death rates from Covid in Europe, a leading authority on public health has said, warning that many children’s lives would be permanently blighted if the problem is not tackled.

Sir Michael Marmot, known for his landmark work on the social determinants of health, argued in a new report that families at the bottom of the social and economic scale were missing out before the pandemic, and were now suffering even more, losing health, jobs, lives and educational opportunities:

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Moderna documents accessed in cyberattack

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More than half of furloughed jobs in the UK are at the highest risk of automation as the Covid crisis accelerates workplace technology change, driving up redundancies and inequality across the country, according to a report.

The two-year commission on workers and technology, chaired by the Labour MP Yvette Cooper, found that workers in sectors hit hardest by the pandemic – such as hospitality, leisure and retail – face a “double whammy” as their jobs are at the most risk of being replaced by machines.

The findings from the commission, organised by the Fabian Society and the Community trade union, show that as many as 61% of jobs furloughed in the first half of this year were in sectors where automation is most likely to lead to job losses:

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Dutch prime minister announces five-week lockdown

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UK detects new Covid strain

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