Bears Chairman: Coaches warned Anthony Miller that CJ Gardner-Johnson is “a punk” – NBC Sports

Wild Card Round - Chicago Bears v New Orleans Saints

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In both of this year’s Bears-Saints games, Saints cornerback CJ Gardner-Johnson talked trash to a Bears wide receiver, only to have that receiver ejected for punching him. Bears Chairman George McCaskey had some strong words for Gardner-Johnson, and for his own player’s inability to prevent Gardner-Johnson from getting under his skin.

McCaskey said on WMVP-AM that after Gardner-Johnson baited Bears receiver Javon Wims into an ejection in the regular season, the Bears’ coaching staff warned the players that Gardner-Johnson would try to bait them in the playoff rematch. And McCaskey is frustrated that Anthony Miller let himself get baited anyway.

“I have a bigger problem with Anthony’s ejection because they sat him down and they told him, ‘Listen, watch out for this player. He’s a punk. He’s going to try to get under your skin. And with Darnell Mooney out, we really need you to be in this game and help this team,’” McCaskey said, via the Chicago Sun-Times. “And Anthony had the benefit of having seen Javon’s experience. I think they need to be evaluated separately. I’ve got a bigger problem with Anthony’s ejection than I do Javon’s.”

Asked if Miller will return to the Bears next year, McCaskey said, “That’s not up to me.”

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